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Off Campus Housing Checklist Booklet

Renters Checklist Booklet

The Renters Checklist and process is dedicated to improving the fire and life safety in off campus housing not provided by a participating college or university. It is intended to be used by persons evaluating a potential residence for possible living accommodations. It may be used for establishing criteria to support a final decision and as a tool by the perspective renter to measure one property against another.

Landlords may use this form to evaluate their property and demonstrate that it meets these basic needs. Housing services choosing to require that a landlord submit a Renters Checklist as part of their listing process will provide a copy to students seeking housing for comparison with a Renters Checklist completed by them when considering the rental property.

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Keep Upholstered Furniture Inside

Upholstered furniture on a porch or outdoor patio can serve as shelter for rodents or fuel for fire. For this reason, Buffalo and many towns have laws prohibiting the outdoor use of upholstered furniture, based on health and safety issues.

To find out more download the flyer illustrated below.

Upholstered Furniture Flyer